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Rounds & Winners...well, done , y'all! 


Isn’t it fun to play a game

even in the hot sun or the heavy rain?

Our final round, so play a round…

a leisurely walk up and down..

Park at your own risk, it reads,

less you end up in the weeds!


Tuesday, December 28
Charles Anderson
Corica Park Golf Course
parking lot

$30 Gift Card to Mosley's Cafe


Round #8 FOUND

Driven by darkness,
I flew towards the light,

to a quiet fortress of copper and might.

Not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse.

I couldn’t help but wonder,
is this Frankenstein’s house?


Sunday, December 26

Manuel Carrasco
and his nephews

Central Electric Substation

Grand St. at Eagel Ave.

$40 Gift Cert to Encinal Hardware


Round #6 FOUND

The grande dame of the Island,
back in the day.

Just ten minutes from Oakland Airport,
they used to say.

Checked in with my cardinal close by my side

and all sorts of creatures - not trying to hide.

Please join us for this visual treat

but If you come in a car,
please park on the street.



Sunday, December 19
Michele Casqueiro
Former Alameda Hotel
Fairy Garden

1415 Broadway

$30 Gift Card to
Dandelion Flowers & Gifts


Round #7 FOUND

It may not be the North Pole
but around these parts it plays the role

Look around, so much to see
Look down the middle, if you want to find me.

Elves and trees and lights and fun
Where letters are mailed and the reindeer run.


Thursday, December 22
Cassandra Inocencio
Thompson Ave (Fernside end)

$40 Gift Card To Toy Safari 


Round #5 FOUND

The cold sent me from outside, in

For a nip of brandy (or maybe gin?!)

Because sometimes a room serves as a house
when the news of the day, you need to rouse. 

The proprietress, a smart and sassy lass,

will see you get a generous glass!

An anchor, handed down, this be - 
a mainstay in this growing city.

So, belly up with a smile and say, 

“Hello, everyone! Laoise (Lee-sha) sent me!”
(To find the Golden Crow, yes, you literally need to say that!).


Friday, December 17
Farah Giovanna
Club House Lounge

1215 Park Street
$50  Gift Card to Feathered Outlaw


Round #4 FOUND

Five or six steps from the end I’ll be

among the leaves at a gnarly tree.

I hope it isn’t a sign of the times

here where folks work out

their daily grinds.

But I don’t see cows or crops, do you?

I see stretchers, and strollers

and lots of cars, too.


Tusesday, December 14
Larry Wadford
End of Packet Landing Road

on Bay Farm near Harbor Bay Club
$30 Gift Certificate to
See's Candies



Round #2 FOUND
Come meet my new artsy friend!

We're hanging out on the Wild end.
He's a bit of a shiny, standoffish fella
and he looks sort of like
a skinny umbrella.

Together, we look out at the blue

and dream of travel,

though a different two.


Friday, December 10
Mother & son team:
Cybelle Kelley-Whitley

Noah Whitley
Next to new public art installation,
Calimar, at
 Alameda Point Shoreline
$50 Gift Certificate to
Pacific Pinball Museum



Round #3 FOUND

It’s rocky where I’ll start this riddle

At the crossroads, close to the middle

Under a lamp by a forgotten shell

Where some women remember another one well

Away from the wet, I managed to squeeze

As I sit and ponder, who the heck is Louise?


Saturday, December 11
Cathy Wadford
At the Louise Maguire

 Alameda Ave/Central
$30 Gift Certificate to
Alameda Theatre


Round #1 FOUND

How lonely I am 

on this tree-named street

where curious wee ones

used to meet.

Outside the gate,
my beak is stuck.
Please help me! Find me!

Good day and good luck!


Monday, December 6

Shari Cox & Robbie Hough

Former Children's Library

1429 Oak Street

$30 Gift Certificate to

Books, Inc.

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