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Founded over 20 years ago, FunAmeda Productions is a  multi-media production company dedicated to adding a little extra spice to the city I call home, Alameda. I’m forever looking for things to make, art to create and events to  entertain to, hopefully, draw a diverse group of folks out to celebrate and enjoy our life on the Island…and beyond!

Summer of 2022: We're excited to announce we'll be shooting a feature film entirely on location
in Alameda...of course!

I’m proud to say, , FunAmeda Productions has also served to support local artists, nonprofits and businesses, including Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Boys & Girls Club of Alameda, Alameda Meals on Wheels, Feathered Outlaw, Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter and Alameda Strong.  In 2020 & 2021 FP has worked to help raise $11K for the Alameda Food Bank with the Halloween house decorating event Alameda Haunts (established 2006)

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Hope to see you,  Patti C. * 510.407.9174


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