Fun + Alameda = 


Welcome and thanks for stopping by…

FunAmeda is a quirky amalgam of workshop/gallery/lounge/shop where I make stuff, sell all kinds of treasures, produce events and mostly, work to create an interesting, ever-changing visual experience.
It’s a place geared toward adding a little extra spice to my hometown as I’m forever looking for things to make and events to create that will entertain and hopefully,
draw a diverse group of folks out to celebrate and enjoy our life on the Island…and beyond!

I’m proud to say, since opening the shop in July, FunAmeda Productions has also served to support local artists, nonprofits and businesses, including Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Boys & Girls Club of Alameda, Alameda Meals on Wheels, and Feathered Outlaw and Alameda Strong. Last October, FP raised $5,800 for the Alameda Food Bank with the Halloween house decorating contest I’ve produced since 2006, Alameda – Haunt Your House.

My hope is that maybe in some small way, the space at 918 Central Avenue offers 
a sprinkle of sunshine with a pinch of weird and a whole cup of fun.

Hope to see you,  Patti C.


Thank you!

FunAmeda  Productions donated  $2,500 to Alameda organizations & businesses in