Alameda - Haunt Your House! 2020

Most Haunted House
Deadton Abbey - 1837 Clinton   

Most Clever 
Thompson's Dead & Breakfast Inn - 1056 San Antonio
Most Creative
Candyman - 2837 Windsor 

Most Ahhh-inspiring
Pirates of the Caribbean - 1800 Nason
FunAmeda's Favorite
Dead End Court - 25 Powers Court


Most Honorable Mentions
Most Cool - Monkey Glow Skull Bandstand - 1620 San Jose
Best Video - Clarabell's Haunted Graveyard - 2625 Santa Clara
Most Adorable - It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - 2452 Encinal
Most Wonderful - Foreboding Way - 1826 Alameda
Most Elegant - The Omen - 1601 Central 
Above and Beyond - A Very, Very Trump Halloween - 1803 San Antonio
Best Hangout - San Antonio Saloon - 2156 San Antonio
Creepiest - Beware of Dolls! - 1628 9th St.
Best Homage - A Stephen King Halloween - 1329 Clinton

Most Charming - Mo's Crows - 740 Haight
Best Beasty - Kathi's Haunted House - 1028 Eagle

Most Halloween Spirit - Retro Halloween - 1014 Versailles 

See all the fantastic entries at our Contest Video Portal


As a native of Alameda, I started Alameda - Haunt Your House! back in 2006 to
celebrate and honor my dad - an artist, maker, and lover of Halloween, a love I inherited.
I also wanted to highlight my unique hometown and the talents of all the amazing artists, haunters and makers who make up our community.  I do my best to keep the contest as simple and ol' timey as I can, also in memory of my dad.

Setting up the event as a way to support the Alameda Food Bank was a natural 
extension of the spirit of the contest.  Together with my husband and my fabulous friends, the
Boo Crew, we've done nine contests over the years and I'm so excited to say, this year has been the biggest contest yet. 
Bravi, city of Alameda!

You should know: this contest would not have been possible without the help of:
Mark Taxy * Mary Millosovich * Patty Devlin * Jill Mountjoy (yes, the Boo Crew!)
All the fabulous judges, including the crew from Creature Features (at their busiest time of year!)

A grant from the Alameda Public Art Commission
Support from the West Alameda Business Association
David at Alameda Advertising & Recognition
The Alameda Food Bank
and of course, my dad...


With much gratitude, Patti C.